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In addition, Edmonson states that Von Stach and Walker met with plaintiffs twice in Burr Ridge, Illinois: once on July 8, 2015, and again on February 14, 2016. Around the time of the July meeting (according to the affidavit, the parties met several times in July of 2015, but only once in Illinois), the parties discussed several other deals, one of which contemplated jointly forming an Illinois limited liability company. Another involved further investment by plaintiffs in VSP invoices and a plan for repayment of the VSP entities' outstanding obligations to plaintiffs. Neither of these deals closed, but the parties continued to work together until at least February 14, 2016. As noted, defendants do not dispute any of the above facts, which I conclude satisfy all three requirements for personal jurisdiction. In their reply, defendants point, in succession, to the various types of case-related forum contacts the Edmonson affidavit identifies, and insist that none of them, alone, supports personal jurisdiction. This argument fails to appreciate, however, that defendants' case-related contacts with Illinois must be viewed in the aggregate. Accordingly, their arguments that: 1) injuries felt in the forum state alone are insufficient, see Reply at 2; 2) defendants' emails to plaintiffs alone are insufficient, id., at 3; and 3) defendants' two meetings with plaintiffs in Illinois alone are insufficient, id., at 3-4, ring hollow. Moreover, the cases on which defendants rely are factually distinct and did not address the kinds of ongoing conduct directed to the forum that the Edmonson affidavit articulates.

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VSP Products North America John Von Stach

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VSP Products North America John Von Stach

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